Sample Day

Get a first hand look at a day in the life of a Barrow Street family.

Arrival, Open Time & Meeting

Teachers welcome families at the classroom door. Children place their belongings in assigned cubbies and transition to classroom activities.

Open Time
Students choose from a variety of easily accessible, open-ended, and frequently changed toys and materials. Students may choose to play individually or in groups. Children use this time to experiment, make independent decisions, and take turns, ultimately building confidence in their own ability to make choices in the future!

Meeting provides an opportunity to develop a sense of community. This is where children learn how to share their ideas and listen to the ideas of others.

Gross Motor: Roof/Gym/Track

Children play on the roof, gym, or track with a wide variety of age-appropriate equipment, games, and materials. Our rooftop playground features a jungle gym, play house, and garden where students refine their gross motor skills, learn how to cultivate plants, and enjoy the fresh air! In addition to outdoor equipment, our indoor gym space allows children the opportunity to play with balls, hoops, mats, balance beams, games, basketball, and more. Our tricycle track overlooks our gym, providing a unique space for children to explore on three wheels!

Special Classes

Children enjoy a rotating weekly selection of “specials” that can include pottery, music, movement, art, science, or a workshop with the American Ballet Theatre.


Children are given a variety of healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, and veggies. Occasionally, students will prepare their own snacks as part of a math or science activity.

Choice Time

Choice time provides a balance between child-initiated play and teacher-directed activities. Our teachers create individualized projects and activities based on the unique makeup of each class. For example:

  • Block Area develops balance, cooperation, spatial reasoning, shape and size discrimination, and comprehension of cause and effect.
  • Dramatic Play develops language through role playing, symbolic thinking, interaction with new materials, and an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • Art Area develops fine-motor skills, creative expression, risk-taking, self-esteem, visual perception, and experience working in different media as well as a fuller understanding of color, shape, and size relationships.
  • Math and Science Area develops patterning, sequencing, one-to-one correspondence, observation, exploration, investigation, predicting, experimenting, and classification.
  • Puzzles and Games develop hand-eye coordination, classification, visual perception, problem-solving, social skills, and critical thinking skills.
  • Sensory Table develops mathematical concepts such as measuring, as well as vocabulary (e.g., empty/full) and social skills.
  • Library develops appreciation of literature, communication, sequencing, and comprehension skills.
  • Writing Area develops fine-motor skills, letter recognition, sequencing, and creativity.

Story Time

Story time gives children a chance to participate as a group and share new ideas! Children also gain an appreciation for the wealth of information contained within books, both as a way to learn language and as a source for imagination. Teachers can select from Barrow Street’s extensive library of books and poems in order to tailor story-telling experiences and projects to the interests of the children in their class.

Goodbye Meeting

Before the day ends, we take time to talk about what the children learned and we discuss the best ways to expand on this growing knowledge both in the classroom and in the community.

We Believe

Education promotes responsibility & develops character

Additional Programs

Nursery School

Learning at the intersection of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

Special Classes

Large-group, small-group, and individual activities in science, music, movement, the arts and more.

Extended Day

Early drop-off, mid-day enrichment, lunch activities, afterschool play, and more.


Using observation, documentation, and meaningful assessment to create differentiated learning experiences.

Community Engagement

Incorporating community, promoting responsibility and developing character through service learning, collection drives, and more.

Summer Program

Bringing students together with their classmates and our own trusted teachers for an amazing summer program experience.

Sample Day

Get a first hand look at a day in the life of a Barrow Street family.

PS3 @ BSNS Registration

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon with Barrow Street Nursery School teachers.