Our hope is that your admissions experience will be individualized, personal, flexible and most of all, enjoyable. We are truly looking forward to getting to know your family!


Our hope is that your admissions experience will be individualized, personal, flexible and most of all, enjoyable. We are truly looking forward to getting to know your family!

There are five required steps to our admissions process:

Step 1


Applications for the 2023-2024 school year will be available beginning on September 1, 2022.

  • In order to proceed through our process, an application must be on file.

  • An application is needed for all first-time, re-applying, and sibling applicants.

  • There is a $75 application fee. This fee will be refunded to families whose applications are not selected through our lottery.  Refunds will not be provided to families whose applications are selected through the lottery to proceed with the application process, but who are not ultimately accepted to the school. If you are applying for financial aid, the application fee will be waived.

  • There is an application deadline of November 1, 2022

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Step 2

Admissions Lottery

We would love to meet every family with an interest in our school. However, we receive a large number of applications each year and space is limited. This is why we hold a lottery for applicants applying to our Toddler, 2s/3s, and 3s/4s classes. This lottery determines who moves forward with our application process.  Selection in the application lottery does not guarantee acceptance to the school.

In an effort to ensure that we have ample time to meet each family individually, notification of lottery results will be emailed to applicants on a rolling basis. This provides families with greater scheduling flexibility for Parent Conversations.

Please note, all children applying to our 4s/5s program will automatically move forward in the application process as there is no application lottery for this program.

All families will be notified of their lottery results by November 2, 2022. 

Step 3

Parent Conversation (Virtual)

If your child’s application is selected, you will be invited to schedule a 30-minute, virtual visit.

  • This visit is for parents only. Parents are encouraged to ask questions. Use this step to learn everything you can about our program.

  • Parents of first-time applicants are required to attend a Parent Visit.

  • Parents of sibling applicants and any families who are reapplying are welcome to attend again, but attendance is not required.

  • Parents will be asked to fill out our Family Information Form and complete a self-guided virtual tour prior to the Parent Visit.

Step 4

In Person Tour

  • After your virtual parent conversation, you will be invited to schedule an in person tour during school hours.
  • These small group tours, for adults only, will be guided by our Admissions Director and will be with parents of other applicants.
  • Tours are expected to last one hour and will allow you to see our school, program and community in action.
  • COVID-19 protocols will be shared prior to your visit.

Step 5

Getting to Know Your Child

We look forward to meeting your children in person on Friday January 13, 2023. Please save the date!

Optional Opportunities

Our goal is for this experience to be individualized and personal, flexible and most of all,
enjoyable. We are truly looking forward to getting to know your family!

Virtual Panels/Coffee & Conversation

Applicants can participate in a variety of optional panels and conversations throughout the process. Families can engage with current parents, teachers, and administrators through a series of virtual events.

Barrow Buddies

All applicant families will have the opportunity to connect with a Barrow Buddy. Barrow Buddies are current and alumni Barrow families who are available to help support applicant families throughout the admissions process.

Open House

Virtual Open Houses will be held on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 and Monday, October 17, 2022. An application is not required to attend this event. All are welcome. Sign up to attend an Open House below.

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Acceptance/ Notification

Letters of notification will be emailed to parents according to the dates specified by the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY). Families will be notified on March 2, 2023 and will need to reply by noon on March 9, 2023.

Sibling Applications

We truly value our current and past families and enjoy welcoming siblings to our community. All siblings are expected to apply at the Toddler or 2s/3s level.

  • Siblings must submit an application.
  • Siblings are exempt from the general lottery.
  • 2s/3s sibling applicants will attend a child visit in November.
  • For those applying for financial aid, submit all forms by December 1st.
  • All siblings receive early notification in December unless a family contacts our office to note otherwise. Please note that early notification is never a guarantee of admission. We do our absolute best to accommodate all sibling applicants after placing our returning students, but we cannot guarantee morning placement for all siblings.