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My child just missed the age cut-off date for this year. Can we still apply?

You may still be able to apply. Because we are a developmental program, we do sometimes make exceptions. For more information, please contact our Director of Admissions, Ashley Warren at

Is there any advantage to submitting my application early?

We encourage all families to submit an online application as soon as possible. Depending on the number of spots we anticipate for specific grades, we may stop accepting applications before the deadline. If this occurs, we will post a message on our website notifying families of the change.

Do families who are reapplying receive preference?

While we encourage all families who were not offered a spot to re-apply, there are many considerations that are taken into account each year for the spots we have available. Thus we cannot give preference to families who previously applied.

My child falls close to the June 1st cutoff. What is the difference between your Toddler and 2s/3s program?

The summary is that there is not a huge difference in program between toddler and 2s/3s and it does not determine trajectory into further grades.

  1. Our Toddler Program was developed years ago, when our cut-off was 9/1, out of a need for students with a summer/fall birthday who were in a different developmental stage entering school. Our teachers have taught this age group for a long time and have a strong understanding of the differences in development – thus are able to challenge children where they are. However, in structure, the two classes are similar.
    1. Toddler: 3 teachers, 9 students vs. 2s/3s: 2 teachers, 8 students
    2. Toddler: 2-3 hours (2 or 3 days per week) vs. 2s/3s: 3 hours (2 or 3 days per week)
    3. Toddler: Separation is 4-6 weeks vs. 2s/3s: Separation is 2-4 weeks

2.   Of the 4 toddler classes, we usually have a few “older” groups. We recognize at 2, 6 months (or a quarter of their life) is significant! Gender and age are the primary way we organize the toddler groups.

3.   Entering at the toddler level does not determine the trajectory into Kindergarten. We group based on developmental shifts and kindergarten placement is something we would determine with you depending on their birthdays, your preferences, their development and whether you are planning on public or private school. Children can enter Kindergarten after three or four years at Barrow Street. During the toddler year, we assess what is the next class for our June/July birthday students. They can either go into our 5-day 2s/3s or into our 3s/4s. From there, some of the 5-day 2s/3s students move into our full day 4s/5s and some into the half-day 3s/4s. Each year we are looking at a variety of factors, but the close eye we have on your children allows us to make thoughtful placements that support their development best.

Can parent visits be rescheduled?

Parent visits can be rescheduled but we do have a limited number of available appointments. While we would like to honor all rescheduling requests, this is not always possible. If you need to reschedule, please do so through the SchoolAdmin Portal or reach out directly to our Director of Admissions, Ashley Warren at

Can I reschedule my child’s visit?

Rescheduling your child’s visit may be difficult because these visits are grouped by age. We strongly urge that parents do their best to attend their scheduled visit.

Does BSNS help families with the exmissions process?

Yes! BSNS will help you with kindergarten placement.

Finding and applying to the right school can be a daunting task for New York City families. When it’s time to think about the next step beyond Barrow Street, our teachers and directors support and help guide families through the process, known as exmissions.

Barrow Street Nursery School staff work closely with families throughout the process. To begin, we invite parents to a workshop where we provide the necessary general information to start school applications.

In the classroom, teachers focus on observing and documenting your child’s work. Using words and photographs, teachers interpret and reflect on children’s learning experiences. This process helps us articulate our thinking about your child’s ongoing investigations and to determine future directions for continuing their educational experience. This work begins in the spring of the 3s/4s program so that parents have ample time to research prospective schools and prepare for fall applications.

After parents have toured their preferred schools, a follow-up meeting is scheduled with Barrow Street staff to discuss school options. The director is available to meet with parents throughout the process. Teachers and staff work closely with families and are committed to providing support and guidance during this process.

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