West Village Pizza Tour!

Drum roll, please…..

The West Village Pizza Tour has commenced! As the weeks of our Cooking Study continued, one thing was clear: pizza was our favorite thing we have made so far. And what better place to take a deep dive (or deep dish?) into a pizza exploration than in NYC!

Incorporating neighborhood walks to learn more about our community, we decided we’d focus on one thing in our neighborhood – pizza shops. The first walk was an “I Spy” walk. We spied and counted pizza shops, we searched for the letter P and Z , and made a plan to visit Bleecker St. Pizza on our next walk.

Well, Friday was that day! The Bunnies walked around the corner and met Greg, one of the pizza makers at Bleecker St. He asked us what our favorite toppings were and told us that it only takes 5 minutes to make the pizza! The pizza oven is HOT! After our tour, we carried a pizza made for us back to the classroom for our taste test. 10 out of 11 tasters gave it a thumbs up!!