Welcome Back!

We have jumped right back into the swing of things after our winter break! We wanted to share some updates, photos, and a preview of what’s ahead for us in the Green Room.


Job Chart


We have finally introduced our Job Chart! This has been a work in process over many weeks. After Thanksgiving, we had a class discussion about what jobs children can/should do in the classroom. Some of their ideas included: “Someone to get an ice pack when people are hurt,” “cleaning,” and “reading the schedule.”


Classroom jobs are important for cultivating independence. Students are entrusted with real jobs that help our classroom function smoothly. They take responsibility for our classroom space, helping it stay clean and safe. Some classroom jobs help children develop their self-confidence; for example, when reading out the schedule, they need to use loud, proud voices so everyone can hear.


Most of the jobs are self-explanatory, but here’s a brief description of what each job entails:


Bell Ringer – Ring the bell to signal that it’s time to clean up.


Caboose – The last person in line, who helps close doors on the way out.


Caretaker – If someone gets hurt, the caretaker will grab an ice pack or band-aid (and teacher) to help solve the problem.


Counter- Our counter will take attendance during meeting by counting how many children are at school that day. They may also help teachers count as children enter/exit the elevator or stairs.


Door Holder – Holding the door open for their classmates and teachers.


Line Leader – The first person in line. This person is a model for how to move safely through the school (listening ears, safe body).


Water Bottle Checker – This person will make sure that everyone has taken their water bottles out of their backpacks and put them into the basket. This person will also check that water bottles are closed and upright so they don’t leak.


Weather Reporter – During meeting, the weather reporter will look outside the window (or recall their walk to school) and tell us what the weather is like that day.


Schedule Reader – Read the schedule during meeting.


Snack Helper – This person will help set up plates and snack trays for snack.


Sweeper – This person will help out whenever cleaning is needed, such as sweeping the floor or wiping down the tables.


This week will be our first week having jobs. Students will have their jobs for a full week before switching. Some questions you can ask your child about jobs are:


What was your job this week?


How does that job help the Green Room?


What did you like best about your job?


Which job are you most excited for?


Alphabet Chart


We have also begun making an alphabet chart to hang on our classroom wall. Our morning and afternoon classes are taking turns making the letters. We are encouraging the classes to think about creative ways to form the letters – beyond just drawing each letter, we’ve also made some letters with Legos!


This chart will support our ongoing letter work in the classroom. When we talk about which letter comes next, we think about where we have seen that letter before. Some children might say, “That letter is in my name!” Some children might notice the letter on a bulletin board in the hallway.


Beyond identifying letters and matching them with their sounds, students are also thinking about the lines and curves that form each letter.


Some questions you can ask your child about this chart are:


What letter(s) did you add to the alphabet chart this week?


How can we make that letter at home?


Do you see that letter anywhere in the house? Or on our way to school?


Continuing With Moons…And Special Guests!


As we return from break, Danielle, Marlene, and I are thinking about ways to get parents into the Green Room to play and work with us. Something we have been thinking about is inviting parents in to lead an art project related to the moon.


We will have more information and a sign-up sheet for you soon! For now, we want you to start to think about what kind of project you might want to do, and what materials you might need. Stay tuned…