Walking Trip to the Mailbox

Last week each of the children sent a letter home in the mail! Going on a neighborhood walk, even a small one to the mailbox, is valuable for feeling empowered in the larger community and participating in civic life.


We spoke about the journey the letter would take as it traveled from the big blue mailbox to their homes, and being able to participate in the act of not only writing the letter but dropping it in the big mailbox, makes the process of how mail delivery works that much more tangible, if still a little magical! And everyone was excited for the magic to come true!


Did you receive the letter? We hope you enjoyed opening it together! Is there someone you and your child might write another letter to? Setting up a letter writing station with a name card (your child’s name written largely for them to see as they practice writing), pictures of loved ones, and some fun stationery is a way you could extend this project at home. If you want, feel free to send a letter to Barrow Street. They would love it!