The Rainbows wanted to learn more about the habitat where Waddles, the class penguin, would live. We read the book Explore My World Penguins, National Geographic Kids by Jill Esbaum. The book gave the students some ideas about what a polar habitat in the Antarctic looks like.


To build their polar habitat in the dramatic play section, The Rainbows had to consider the natural elements that make up a polar habitat, what animals live in Antarctica, what a penguin eats, and where a penguin finds shelter. Then, they had to think of ideas for materials to build a simulation of the Antarctic penguin habitat. The Rainbows drew designs to plan out how their habitat would look.


Note: The Rainbows learned that not all penguins live on the ice fields of Antarctica. Some live on beaches and in forests in other parts of the southern hemisphere.


After designing a plan, The Rainbows worked through different workstations to create their habitat and learn more about polar habitats, including the plants and animals.


1) painting the habitat (a large cardboard box)


2) making snowflakes


3) designing the backdrop/night sky


4) Antarctic habitat coloring sheets


The final product, although still in process. Come check out the habitat during drop-off.


Next step: choosing a habitat, designing, and creating habitat dioramas in teams