The Wind

The Inspiration


Gilberto and the Wind began our interest in the wind. In this book, the young boy, Gilberto, encounters the wind in his daily life. We began to think about the wind and how it impacts our lives.


Some time later, our weather reporter noted that it was “warm and windy” outside. This prompted a conversation about when the wind occurs. We wondered: Can wind occur in all seasons? How do you know when it’s windy? How can we see the wind?


“The cold is still up in the air and comes later when the wind comes.”


“The wind and snow and rain, that makes wind.”


“You feel it, if the trees are blowing, that’s wind.”


“Snow and rain, the wind will blow them away. (That’s how you know it’s windy).”


“When the trees are bending.”


“When the wind moves, it’s cold.”


“We can see wind when it’s really windy and it’s blowing down trees.”


“You cannot see wind because it’s behind your back.”


“You can always see the wind.”


“Every time I go to school I can’t see the wind but I can feel the wind.”


“You can feel the wind through holes in your clothes.”


The Research


Our next step was to read the book, I Face the Wind. In this book, we learned that:


– Wind has weight


– Wind is made of air


A weather reported told us, “You can’t see the wind, because it’s the same color as the window.” So then we wondered, Is there a machine we can use to know if it’s windy outside?


“A robot to tell us if it’s windy or not.”


“When we come to school, we can tell you if it’s windy or not.”


“A windmill.”


“A windmill is a kind of fan.”


“Pretend out of boxes.”


“How will we put it together?”


“We need to make a small one and tie it to a tree.”


“We need batteries.”


“[A fan] could be anything, like junk.”


“It needs something to make it spin.”


The Design


“We need to draw one.”


“That’s called inspiration.”


The Creation


“How can we make it spin?”


“How will it move?”


“The wind will move it.”


Stop by the classroom to see our designs and creations!