The State of Matter

States of Matter – Solids, Liquids & Gases


Some of the things that The Super Lollipops learned in science over the past two weeks.


1) Matter is anything that takes up space.


2) Matter is the foundation of everything we see and touch. Even things we can’t always see, such as gases, are made of matter.


3) A solid keeps its shape, a liquid takes on the shape of its container, and a gas fills its container.


The Super Lollipops will be exploring different types of matter, their properties, and how they interact with one another.


They made suncatchers from school glue and food coloring (both liquids). They marveled at the liquids turning into a solid as they dried. They also explored the cause and effect of adding baking soda (a solid base) to vinegar (a liquid acid) to produce a gas (carbon dioxide).


As you explore a new or perhaps a known area over the break, ask your child about the states of matter and try to find examples wherever you go—make it into a game. Have fun!


During their study of matter, The Super Lollipops will also focus on the following:


Analyzing Change – Cause and Effect


Students are:


1) asking questions


2) predicting outcomes


3) examining effects


4) making connections


5) manipulating data


Manipulating New Tools – Object Control


Students are:


1) learning to master the use of objects


2) building hand and finger strength to expand fine motor skills


3) developing sensory awareness


4) engaging creativity in problem-solving