The Red Room Rainbows Raise $820 during Lego Build-A-Thon

On Thursday, May 27th, the Rainbows embarked on a special mission – raise money for Habitat for Humanity. The task incorporated their love of legos with the curricular work they’ve done as a class to learn about “Wants vs. Needs,” folks without homes, and all types of habitats around the world.


All in all, the fundraiser was a huge success, raising a total of $820, $320 past their initial goal!!


The energy within the Red Room bubbled with anticipation as the countdown began.


Each of the Rainbows were scattered around the room to maximize building space, with some onlookers even getting in on the action.


During the event, the Rainbow’s completed habitat dioramas were spread throughout the classroom for general viewing.


Their habitat work has garnered the attention of a wide variety of visitors, including teachers/administrators from schools throughout the NYC area.


In time, these habitats will be displayed and memorialized in Barrow Street’s Nancy Glauberman Literacy Center (Barrow’s library) for public to see.