The Morning Message

This week we introduced our new morning message, which has become a permanent fixture in our morning routine and in Meeting each day. The morning message is a short letter written by teachers on chart paper, which usually contains a greeting, some information about our day, and sometimes features a question of the day, which children answer using their name sticks.

The purpose of our morning message is to get children interacting with text in various ways that promote early reading development. Some skills that the SPKs will practice via the morning message are noticing letters and punctuation, beginning to decode words, building their repertoire of sight words, and looking for picture clues, among others.

The morning message is now a new step in our arrival routine. After coming into the classroom, children will put away their things, sign-in, and take a look at the message, before starting their day.

Each day at Meeting, we read our message as a whole group, practicing choral reading, noticing and circling letters, punctuation, and sight words, etc. When there is a question of the day, we also sort and count the answers.

Ask you SPK what the morning message said today!