Spotlight on: Ten-Frame

During Goodbye Meeting each day, the Orange Room comes together to create a journal entry for our days adventures. Take a look:

We then place the journal entry in a ten-frame on our wall. Ten-frames can be used to demonstrate different ways to arrange and visualize numbers by using a ten framed grid along with counters or other materials…like journal entries! This week, the students created their own ten-frame by with the tape color of their choosing. The Super Lollipops ripped their tape, placing it on the grid in the spot of their choosing. This helped to provide some extra practice using our strong fingers, strengthening our fine motor skills for when we begin handwriting. We will place the student created ten-frames on the wall next to our journal, helping us to represent every 10 days of journal entries, demonstrating visually how many days that we have been at Barrow Street this school year!

To learn more about ten-frames, click the link below:

Questions to Ask Your Super Lollipop

1.) What is a ten-frame?

2.) What are the Super Lollipop classroom rules?

3.) How do you make play dough?