Snails, Snails, Snails!

“I can’t believe we have REAL snails in our classroom!”

Emergent Curriculum in Action


As parents of this age group, you’ve probably become experts at fielding lots and LOTS of questions.


Same here!


Some questions we have answers to, and some we don’t – but the beauty of not knowing the answer, is getting figure it out with the kids! This is how our Snail Study began 🙂


After a friend came to us with questions about snails that we couldn’t answer, we re-directed them to the Yellow room who had live snails living in their classroom. LIVE SNAILS! After visiting the Yellow Room’s snails, it was clear their interest was piqued. We asked the Rainbows if they’d be interested in adopting some snails of our own, and as we’re sure y’all have already heard – the decision was a unanimous, “YES.”


Before Adoption Day, we invited Yellow Room teacher, Liz to the Red Room so we could learn more about how to take care of snails.


We were so grateful that Liz was able to answer all of our questions… especially this one:


“Can snails survive in frozen pieces of ice?”


Then it was time for some extended observation. The Yellow Room graciously allowed us to borrow their tank for a few days before Adoption Day.


This was very exciting… and not just for the kids!


Loaded with information, the Rainbows were ready for their own snails 🐌!


It was time to prep the tank!


Hooray! It’s Adoption Day!


Ever since bringing snails into our lives, it’s been hard to think about anything else.


They’ve appeared in the form of observational drawings…


various types of artwork…


(We like a lot of a multi-media art in the Red Room)


and our play!


Have you met our snails yet?!