Plié, Relevé, Tendu

This week, we had our first Nutcracker rehearsal class with Miss Wendy from the American Ballet Theatre. In preparation for our first class, the Super Lollipops read the books ‘Ballet is for Everyone’ by Rachel Shrader, and ‘How Do You Dance?’ by Thyra Heder. We then listened to the story of the Nutcracker during a special snack time.


By the time of our first class with Miss Wendy, we were ready to roll! In our class, we flexed our storytelling and literacy skills through acting out the first scene of the Nutcracker, telling the story by using terms such as first, next, and last.


Practiced executive functioning skills and self regulation as we followed instructions for our movements, waited in line for turns, and listened closely to Miss Wendy for instructions.


We used our math skills by counting as we jumped and remembering movement sequences.

Most importantly, we HAD FUN moving our bodies and telling a story. The Super Lollipops can’t wait for their next class, and are so looking forward to our visit to ABT next week.