Next Steps in Dramatic Play

The kids had a blast in the Hot Chocolate Stand we setup in Dramatic Play prior to break. However, upon returning we felt like we needed to refresh the area. We started by brainstorming a list of possible ideas:


Next, we sorted through them to determine which would work best in the classroom and which were better suited for our gross motor spaces. All of the ideas were exciting and touch on key developmental themes for this age. We wanted to honor and celebrate all the ideas and the needs they’d help meet, while also ensuring each game could be played in a way that was safe and fun for all interested.


Now, we’re gauging their collective interest in each game via our morning Sign In routine.


The next step will be to identify the ones they’re most excited about and do some deeper research into those topics. Whereas the Hot Chocolate Stand was a teacher-designed experience, we want this next one to be child-designed. Stay tuned for more!


Questions to Ask Your Super Lollipop

1.) What new material did you bring to the roof and track this week? What games could you play with it?

2.) What happened to the water in the Sensory Table? How do you think that happened?