Needs, Wants, and Teacher Gratitude

The Rainbows have been exploring what it means to NEED something, and what it means to WANT. We kicked off this inquiry by reading one of our favorite books on the topic, Those Shoes by Maribeth Boeltz.


In the book, the main character — a kid named Jeremy — really wants some cool new sneakers, but needs snow boots. He finds a too-small pair at a thrift store, but then meets a kid at school who has holes in his shoes and really needs a new pair. He ends up giving them to the child in need, and the two kids become friends.


After reading the book, we made a list of things we need, and things we want.


Next, we talked to the children about how they could help people in our community who don’t have everything they need. The children worked together to make practical care kits for the Bowery Mission. They also decorated bags to hold the care kits.


Special thanks to our class parents for helping to organize, and to all of YOU for donating the supplies! Thanks to you all, we were able to create a truly meaningful service learning experience for our Rainbows, and help to get some much needed supplies to our community.


Happy Holidays Rainbow fam!