Mesmerizing, Melting, Marshmallows

The Super Lollipops wanted to make s’mores. Since this was science class, we had to be scientific critical thinkers and hypothesize and predict what would happen if we added a marshmallow to the microwave. Would the marshmallow melt? Would it melt the same way it does when added to a fire? Would we need 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds…? Would the marshmallow burn? Would the marshmallow change its shape? Would the marshmallow change its texture and consistency? The Super Lollipops also voted to try chocolate chips and chocolate bar pieces. They thought about any similarities or differences in making the s’mores using those different types of chocolate.


First, the melting test: How many minutes in the microwave are needed to melt the marshmallow, and what will happen to the marshmallow during that time?


Putting our s’mores together. Most of our friends chose chocolate bar pieces, not chocolate chips. Why? Some because they thought the chocolate bar would taste better, and some because they thought it would be easier to build their s’more with the flat piece of chocolate bar versus all the little bumps of chocolate chips. Others thought the chocolate bar would melt better than the chocolate chips (another exploration for another time).


Next, what happens if we add marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and melt everything in the microwave simultaneously?


Finally, the test taste.


Consensus? S’mores taste good, and watching marshmallows melt is a lot of fun! Yeah, for science! 😀🎉