Leemie Visits!

Starting this week, Leemie will be joining the Super Lollipops at home for a weekend visit every Friday!


Every Friday, a Super Lollipop will be randomly selected to bring Leemie and his adventure journal home. Each child will have one chance to do so. We do not want these visits to feel overly stressful or require a lot of planning on your end, and you should just plan to have the weekend that was already in the works. From Friday after school to Sunday, you can have Leemie join you for any moments you would like, taking a few pictures here and there of his adventures with your Super Lollipop for you to add to our Leemie journal! (A sample of last years journal will be sent home for you to peruse at your leisure, and to help get an idea of the various ways families have chosen to complete this project.)


In order to ensure that Leemie is able to visit each child, we request that Leemie be returned to school on the following MONDAY after your visit. The completed journal will need to be returned by the following THURSDAY for your child to share about their adventures, and to send Leemie on with the next child.


We can’t wait to see what adventures Leemie and the Super Lollipops get up to!