Kindergarten Research

This week, the Super Lollipops began their Kindergarten Research Project. Last week, during our first research session, the Super Lollipops listed what the knew about their future schools. So this week, we started by brainstorming a list of things we wanted to know.


Our next step will be for each child to select a question to research about their individual schools. The Super Lollipops will then come together to share their findings. Once our research is done, we will delve into our ‘See Ya Later Barrow!’ curriculum, focusing on how leaving Barrow isn’t a ‘goodbye’…it’s a ‘see ya later!


Questions to Ask Your Super Lollipop


1. What song did you select for graduation? What song won?


2. What question do you want to ask about your school for next year?


3. How did you sign your yearbooks?