January Materials Highlight!

Since returning from winter break, the Purple friends have been ringing in the new year with some new and exciting materials. For our first class post of 2024, we’ve decided to highlight some of these new elements of our classroom environment and how they are helping your children learn.


Loose parts


The phrase “loose parts” can refer to any collection of objects that children can use in play. In the Purple Room we collected a variety of found and recycled materials including coins, tiles, and bottle caps. We set up the loose parts both at a center table and at the light table and observed how their placement affected the way the children interacted with the materials. We also provided closeup photos of snowflakes as a provocation for the children to explore patterns and shapes. As soon as the children laid eyes on the materials, they were immediately excited by the coins. The Purple friends carried their “monies,” as they called them, all around the classroom, buying and selling playdough creations and food from one another. A purple room micro-economy was born! We had to remind the children that the coins had to stay in the classroom and could not be snuck into pockets… 🙂 The children also enjoyed incorporating the loose parts as props in the dramatic play kitchen and at the playdough table; their creativity never ceases to amaze us!




This three dimensional, open-ended building material has been a huge hit with the Purple kiddos. What makes these builders so special is the variety of ways to use them; they can be nested, stacked, or wedged together to create any shape a kiddo can dream of! While exploring WEDGiTS, the children are working on their dexterity, fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, spatial awareness, and creativity– all while having a blast! Plus, WEDGiTs have been another tool for the children to continue exploring our curricular themes of architecture and engineering. We can’t wait to see what the kiddos will build with WEDGiTs next!


We missed the Purple Excavators so much while away for break and have been so excited to be back playing together. What have your children been sharing about the Purple Room since returning from break?