Introducing… The Super Powerful Kids!

You heard that right! The Red Room has chosen their new class name: THE SUPER POWERFUL KIDS! Here’s a little about our process in selecting it…

First we made a list of potential class names. There were a lot of contributions!

Next, we had a whole class discussion and realized that 18 names were too many to choose from. One of the children suggested we choose just a few. So we decided to have a primary election, where children could each select their top three choices. 

The “Elsa and Ana” conundrum: In an interesting turn of events, our top two candidates in the primary turned out to be “The Elsas” and “The Anas”. We talked as a class about how Elsa and Ana are two people and how we want to choose a name that represents our whole class. We asked the children what they liked about Elsa and Ana, many of them citing that they had super powers and that they helped each other and others. The kids settled on, “The Super Powerful Kids” as a replacement name.

Yesterday was election day, and we’d narrowed things down to our top three candidates: The Super Powerful Kids, The Cakes, and The Statues. The children used their fairness stick to vote for their top choice. A couple of children submitted absentee ballots. 

In the end, The Super Powerful Kids was the victor! An apt name for some truly powerful kids.