Interviewers in Training…

As you know, for the past two weeks, we have been sharing your children’s name stories with the class! (Thank you for your participation!)

Some name story shares in action!

In addition to listening to one another’s name stories, we left space for the kids to ask their friends questions about themselves.

At this age, it’s hard to generate questions of such specificity without coming together as a group and having a larger conversation around what those questions might look like. This point was driven home for us when the question (below) became the “go-to” question to ask.

“What shape is your house?”

Unfortunately it didn’t quite yield the information we were looking for!

So, we came together to talk about what things we’d want our friends to know about us. One friend said,

“I want them to know I like to build”

After a few minutes of talking, the kids were on fire listing possible questions. Check out the questions they came up with!

We placed their questions right in the middle of our Meeting Area, and because of its visibility, the kids regularly used it as soon as it was time!

During our Name Museum this Friday you will not only get to read about the name stories of other Super Powerful Kids’, but you’ll also get to read transcripts from each of their interviews! (The content is excellent, by the way.)