Help the NY Public Library!

During a recent visit to the Hudson Park Library, the Orange Room learned about planned cuts to the libraries’ funding, affecting their ability to deliver free services, programs, and books/e-books! This was serious news to the group, especially since they have been making regular visits to the library all school-year. 

To speak out against these planned cuts, the Super Lollipops filled out kid-friendly forms (created by the library) to send to the Mayor Eric Adams.

If you would like to involve your children in the Orange Room’s effort, you can print out your own kid-friendly form! Click this link to access the form:

Brian & Kayla (Orange Room Teachers) will be collecting all kid forms to deliver to the Library from today until Friday, June 2nd. If you complete your form after June 2nd, you can deliver it yourself in person to any library branch of your choosing!

To learn more and/or lend your own support digitally, you can click this link:

*This form takes less than 30 seconds to complete*

Together, we can make a difference!