“Flowers in the ocean and hearts”

As the children are all progressing with their writing, we wanted to call attention to line. If we think about forming letters and drawings, it is simply a composition of different kinds of line.


During meeting, the teacher brainstormed with the children different types of line. We asked:


What kind of line should I draw if I wanted to make an ocean?


“A curvy line!”


“A line that goes up and down and up and down”


“A squiggly line!”


What if I wanted to draw a shape? What kind of lines do I need to make for triangle?


“Straight lines”


“Three straight lines!


How many lines do I need to make a circle?




“No! One!”


“One curvy line!”


Taking our discussion to work time, the children began drawing with black marker on white paper. We talked specifically about not scribbling and encouraged them to to think about what their lines could create. From this we got:














Party Hat


When one child wanted to make a house like the child next to her, he instructed her. “First you make a square. Then, you make a triangle on the top”. This was sweet moment where the children learned from one another.