Building with Unit Blocks

As we continue to settle into school, we wanted to take some time to reflect on how children have been interacting with blocks. Unit blocks are an essential part of our classroom. Children have the opportunity to use this material daily, during open time.


Unit blocks are an open-ended material with endless possibilities. As children engage with blocks, we take note of how they approach building. Some math concepts that come up are:






Aesthetic Design: Pattern and Symmetry


Structural Design: How to construct without it falling

Unit blocks relate to each other in a way that encourage children to think mathematically. One rectangle block is one “unit” and two rectangle blocks make a “double unit”. As they build, many children begin to realize this concept and depend on it while creating structures like the pictures below.


Like many of the experiences that are offered in school, this play naturally lends itself to social/emotional learning as well. Children are working on collaboration, sharing their ideas and learning from one another as they build.


We will continue to follow and and support the children’s building endeavors this year and share with you through both group and individuals stories!