Beading Bonanza!

In addition to our monthly newsletter, we will be posting a story that highlights an activity and the learning and skills associated with it. This month’s activity is beading – YAY!

Fine Motor Skills: Beading is an excellent opportunity for children to improve their fine motor skills and dexterity. The smaller muscles that children use while beading are also needed for tasks important for independence such as dressing and undressing, using eating utensils, and pre-writing skills.

Task persistence: The action of threading a bead onto a pipe cleaner requires both hand-eye coordination and motor planning. For young children, it can take several attempts to master each step in the beading process. They need to find a bead with an appropriate-sized hole, manipulate the pipe cleaner to the bead, and finally guide the bead along the pipe cleaner. This multi-step process allows children to practice sitting for long periods of time and to persevere through frustration until they ultimately achieve their end goal.

Social Emotional & Literacy: Your children have found joy in making key chains, bracelets, and necklaces for each other, friends, and family members. Some children have started finding the letters in their names and loved ones’ names to make custom gifts. In addition to letter recognition, they have been using their verbal communication skills to describe the colors they choose and the patterns they create.