Barrow Family Week 2024

What is Family Week?


Family life is filled with ritual, tradition, diverse culture, and most importantly, love! In the early childhood years, the years we share with our students, a child’s identity is deeply entangled with their family life. It is one of the many things that shape the individuals they are, as well as the individuals they will become.


For our fourth annual Barrow Family Week, we sought to celebrate the stories our families carry, and help to pass those stories along through our students.


VIP Interviews


To prepare for this year’s Family Week, we asked our students to think about the “Very Important People” in their lives—those they’re related to, and those who they relate to—who love them and make their lives great. First, they chose a very important person in their life. Then, they interviewed this VIP by asking specific questions and hearing special stories. Finally, all interviews were hung up on classroom bulletin boards so they could be shared with our larger community.


Family Storytime


During the first days of Family Week, we hosted Family Storytime, a beloved Family Week tradition. During each of the readings, our community listened to stories that were different from and similar to their own.


Social Justice Storytime


Thank you to the folks who joined us for a special in-person Social Justice Storytime! During this session we read the story, Abuelita and Me! by, Leonarda Carranza.


As we read, we reflected on what it’s like for our kiddos growing up in a big city. We talked through what questions children might have after seeing unfamiliar and potentially frightening things, which then led us to discuss how we might answer their questions in the face of possibly feeling nervous or surprised. We left feeling inspired by Abuelita’s love and care for her granddaughter – the same love and care you and their VIPs share your children!


VIP Days


Last Thursday and Friday, we held our very first VIP Days, where every student got to welcome a very important person in their life to Barrow! Extended families members, caregivers, and special friends came from near and far to spend some quality time with our Barrow Fam.


To be honest, it was hard to tell who was more thrilled – kids or grownups?? Everybody was radiating with joy, throughout!


What a magical way to wrap up our 4th annual Family Week!


Community Gathering


During our community Gathering in the gym, VIPs shared special talents with us…


…and some very important teachers led us in song and dance.


Classroom Visit


Students with VIPs in tow, made their way to classrooms where they documented their love for one another with a Polaroid picture.


Thank you to all of our special visitors, and all those who helped make these special days happen for our students. We’re sending a special shoutout to the PA’s DEI Committee for their hard work and commitment to making all members of our community feel seen and loved.