Banana Muffins, Anyone?

The green room has been thinking about what we could make using all of the extra bananas we had. We decided to make a list for our cooking ideas.

Banana muffins was first up!

After we got all of the ingredients, the children gathered around to help prepare the banana muffins. Of course, this took a tremendous amount of patience and flexibility. Everyone wanted a turn to do something and waiting is not easy. Soon they realized that of course, everyone would have a turn and we all sang for each other as they mixed.

Mix and a mix and a mix and a mix…pass it to (insert name here) .

When we have these experiences, we engage with literacy (writing lists and recipes), math (measuring and sequencing) and social/emotional learning (turn taking). Just as important, are the connections that we build through working together to achieve a goal. In this case the reward was super yummy!

The smell of banana muffins drew the attention of Nicole. When she came in to talk to the children about what we were eating one child said proudly, “We made it by ourself!”

Stay tuned to see what we make next!