ART: 4/5’s Spring ’22 Blacklight Office Party

Highlighters and blacklight: two things that kids will get more familiar with as the go on in school, one probably being more fun than the other. Here, at this young age, I like to combine them into one activity which was how I kept my journal during my senior year in college. Writing and drawing in blacklight is fun. You’ve got that cool tan, the shiny teeth and the page lights up with every new mark.

I offered the artists a few drawing ideas and provided them with endless index cards to draw on. The little wall in the middle of the “communal desk space” was used to raise the lights for a better e􀀮ect but also served as a funny little throwback to the early days of the open office plan.

After a year and a half away from the art room, it’s been great to be back and able to do set-ups like these. I feel blessed by the opportunity to work with your children, and hope you all have an amazing summer.

“ Enjoy the moments and take lots of pictures. The days can sometimes feel like forever, but the years do zip by.”