ART: 3/4’s LINE

Lines are everywhere. Whether you are making an abstract or realistic piece of art, lines are the main ingredient.


There are so many kinds of lines: straight, curvy and zig zaggy are some basics.

How about vertical and horizontal lines? Diagonal? Intersecting? Parallel?

Even our alphabet, which we use to create our signatures, are made from lines in specific formations: each letter has its own recipe.

To illustrate examples of line in art, we looked at the early and later work of Frank Stella, moving from straight geometric configurations to a mish-mash of every conceivable line imaginable. Bridget Riley’s paintings provided examples of curvy lines, while Agnes Martin’s work exemplifies a true passion for straight ones.

Needless to say, the discussion of line will continue throughout the semester as we move on to other elements of art like shape and color.