ART: 3/4’s Abstract vs. Realistic art

After the cave kickoff, I like to start the second semester, (Foundations of Art 101 ;-))class with a simple distinction between abstract and realistic art. I realize there is an inherent issue with this discussion since so much of art is actually a combination of these two, especially at this age. No one is making photo-realistic work here but it allows me to open up the idea that no one needs to draw “perfectly” in order to make realistic art if they so choose. These concepts will also return later as we go along. For our purposes, I’m defining “realistic” art as something drawn from the real world. A landscape, a portrait, a vehicle, a house, any of these, no matter how much they resemble the actual subject, will fall into the category of realistic. Designs and geometric shapes will fall into the abstract art category. We’ll eventually break down abstract art into Geometric Abstraction and Organic Abstraction, but that’s for another day.