A Year of Wishes

We all start off the year making wishes for our children? Whatever those wishes were, we hope they came true in their classrooms, connections, friendships and growth.


This final story park focuses on a special tree we created together as a community. From trash to treasure it has become a tree of wishes from the children. Sending you all well wishes as we continue to grow within our community.


Thank you Lisa our lovely Universal and Lunch Bunch Teacher for sharing this wonderful magical place with us which sparked the idea of turning our Trash to Treasure Tree into a Tree of Wishes.


Hawthorn Fairy Tree — Kenmare Stone Circle. In Celtic mythology it is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises love and protection. It is also known as the Fairy Tree, as fairies live under the Hawthorn as its guardians, and so was treated with great respect and care.


The Barrow Community Wish Tree has been a wonderful way to include voices, ideas and hands while focusing on a very important real world object.


After several weeks of turning an old theater prop found in the basement into a magical tree that receives wishes from the children and teachers within our community, we are inviting you to join us in the wish making journey as we end our year together.


 I remember ending my day as a classroom teacher many years ago around a large tree. It was a very meaningful moment to ‘Gather around the tree to sing goodbye’. As the end of the year approaches it is so nice to use this tree as a way to connect our community and classrooms.


Feel free to leave your wish by the tree and teachers feel free to take the tree into your classroom to explore further and add to its magic.  A wonderful way to practice writing skills is to invite the children that are practicing this skill to hand write their wishes and leave them on or inside the tree. (If you so desire). We look forward to all the wonderful engagements this tree will  bring as it travels throughout our shool community in the coming weeks.


Thanks for playing!!!!!!!!!! It has been a wonderful year! Jahidah