A Whale of a Time

From the moment the Skeletons voted for our second curriculum unit, the ocean, the Blue room teachers began thinking about how to turn our classroom into an ocean. One of the first things that came to Mei-An’s mind was to replicate the large blue whale that is hanging in the Natural History museum. With help from the classroom teachers and brainstorming different ideas, we were able to make this vision come true! Below is the process of making our blue whale and some photos from our field trip to see the whale that inspired it all!


Painting the Whale


In order to make our whale 3D, we needed to paint two identical sides so we could stuff it with paper, bubble wrap, and other recycled materials.


Adding the Belly


To make the white part of the whale’s belly, we glued cotton balls to the bottom of our whale. This also added another 3D element, making it soft and fluffy!


The Finishing Touches


For the eyes, we asked the two students who studied the blue whale for their research presentation to help add the finishing touches.


Our Finished Whale!


Our Trip to the Natural History Museum!


Finally to celebrate our classroom whale and all our hard work on our research projects, we took a trip to the American Natural History Museum to see the Ocean Life hall.


We have loved watching your children learn about the ocean and ocean animals through their research projects, scuba diving in the classroom, ocean books, and much more! We look forward to spending these last few weeks having fun and creating more memories.