A Visit to the Skeleton Hospital

Have the Space Pups ever told you just how much they love playing doctor at school? Since December, the class has been interested in doctors, hospitals, nurses, and x-rays, among other things. We’ll often find the kids laying in a corner of the room, covered in blankets or wearing “casts.” But don’t worry – the patients are well cared for in the Green Room! Their care includes stuffies to snuggle, food to eat, and a TV, usually set to Paw Patrol (of course). This game has even expanded to spaces outside of the classroom, such as the tricycle track.


We’ve watched this play grow and evolve over the past month or so. When we heard that the Blue Room, just down the hall, was also interested in hospital play, we know we had to set up some time to visit. So, on Monday, we set off to the Blue Room’s Skeleton Hospital in half groups.

Thank you, Blue Room Skeletons, for inviting us to your room! We had the best time!