A Look Back at Family Weeks from the Past…

With our fourth annual Barrow Family Week a month away (February 26th – March 1st), we invite you to take a look at Family Week projects and programming from the past to see what makes it such a special Barrow tradition!


“We are the Barrow Family!” Video


Barrow Family Week 2022


In 2022, we put together a video showcasing all Barrow families as well as their favorite places to visit in NYC as a family. 


Barrow Family Cookbook


Barrow Family Week 2023


Last year, we published a cookbook that featured a collection of recipes that were inextricably tied to our very own Barrow Street students and faculty!


If you haven’t purchased a copy and want one, please reach out to Samson (Sbaker@barrowstreetnursery.org)


Family Week Story Time & Sing-a-Long


Each year during Family Week, families volunteer to read a story or share music in the Library. 


VIP Interview Project


Currently in the works for Barrow Family Week 2024!


This year all students, faculty, and staff will get to interview a Very Important Person (VIP) in their life so they can carry their stories on into the future. During Family Week this year, these interviews will be showcased around the school so that all community members can enjoy these precious stories as well!


Stay tuned for more Barrow Family Week 2024 Info coming soon!