5 Reasons to Love Science…

It has been such a busy start to the year. Science with the 4/5s has been an ongoing adventure: the children have actively used their imagination, creativity, and inquiry skills to explore our school-wide provocation – HANDS. I thought it would be fun to share how the students have been investigating their world through the use of their hands with a countdown of 5 reasons to love science. So here we go…

5. Engaging our senses

students are: 

  1. investigating through mindful play
  2. developing descriptive language
  3. building neural connections 
  4. utilizing scientific thinking and inquiry

4. Manipulating new tools – object control

Students are:

  1. learning to master the use of objects 
  2. building hand and finger strength to expand fine motor skills
  3. developing sensory awareness
  4. engaging creativity in problem-solving

3. ENGINEERING, construction and design

Students are:

  1. Discovering a problem
  2. imagining and planning for a solution
  3. creating
  4. facing difficulties
  5. making necessary improvements or changes

2. Analyzing change – Cause and Effect

Students are:

  1. asking questions
  2. predicting outcomes
  3. examining effects 
  4. making connections
  5. manipulating data

1. Outdoor exploration and seasonal changes – asking “what is happening in my world?” and making connections

Students are:

  1. understanding their world
  2. embracing nature
  3. making connections between rural and urban environments
  4. imagining, creating, and storytelling
  5. understanding social relevance