20 Questions

In addition to the weekly questions we’ll offer focused on current goings on, we also wanted to provide some general questions that might help your child share more about their day. They may still choose to keep quiet on all that they’re doing here — some kids really like having something that is all their own separate from their parents/family — but we often find these help get more conversations going.

1. Which teachers did you see today?

2. Who did you sit with at Snack?

3. What did you eat for Snack?

4. Who did you sit with at Lunch?

5. What story did you read?

6. Did you play with Magnatiles/blocks/paint/cars/animals/etc.?  Tell me about what you did.

7. Did you go to the roof/gym/track?  What did you do there?

8. Tell me about one thing you did during Work Time.

9. Tell me about one friend you played with.

10. What did you do with Kim in Science? (Mondays)

11. What did you do with Ozan in Music? (Tuesdays)

12. What did you do with Kyleigh in Movement? (Wednesdays)

13. What did you do with Jim in Art? (Wednesdays)

14. What did you do with Pottery Dave? (Fridays)

15. What was your favorite part of the day?

16. What was the hardest part of the day?

17. Is there anything you wanted to do today but didn’t?

18. How did you feel at Drop Off?

19. How did you feel at Goodbye?

20. Did you see any other classes?  What kids and teachers were there?


Questions to Ask Your Super Lollipop

1.) Can you show me how to do the Chicken Dance?

2.) What teacher will you see for Science? Music? Art? Movement? Pottery?

3.) What was your job this week? What do you do for that job? What are some other jobs?