The Votes Are In!

By the 3s/4s year, students have had some practice choosing and voting on a class name. In the 2s/3s, the students learn what voting means and how to vote. This year, we wanted to build on that foundation and work to choose a name that highlighted our specific class community.


With this in mind, we encouraged children not just to choose a name that they liked but instead to think about what was important or special to our whole class. We asked them:


“What’s something we all like to do together? What are some things that we talk about a lot?”


Next, we needed to do the important job of casting our votes. When they got their voting paper, they were told:


“We need to know whose vote this is. Please write your name or some of the letters on your name to show that this is your vote.”


Here are all of our votes:


Once all the votes were cast, we needed to count them up! We did this with a graph. Children indicated their vote by coloring in the square that corresponded to their picture and choice.


In an unsurprising landslide, it’s official! We are….


Paw patrol space, aka:


the Space Pups!