The Rainbows Learn About The Water Cycle

Turning on the water


Water comes from high mountain sources.
Water runs deep in the Earth.
Miraculously, water comes to us and sustains all life.
My gratitude is filled to the brim.

Poem by Thich Nhat Hanh




This week in science The Rainbows expanded their understanding of how it rains. They started to explore the water cycle and learned a few big new science words. Ask your Rainbow about precipitation and evaporation. They may not remember but they will keep learning more about these processes and what these words mean. As the water on the earth’s surface, in oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, is heated by the sun, it evaporates and the water vapor that is produced goes up into the atmosphere. Last week the students learned that the water vapor attaches to small pieces of dust and debris and as it all joins together it gradually forms a cloud. Once the cloud is full of moisture it becomes so heavy and dense with moisture that the drops of water start to fall down from the cloud as rain, snow or hail (precipitation).


To have a more hands-on learning approach of how the water cycle works, The Rainbows made a Water Cycle Environment in a bag. Each day they are in school they will check back to see if their water cycle environment has produced any evaporation and hopefully some precipitation.