Diary of a Happy Pumpkin

Dear Grown Ups,


What an adventure I had in the White Room! I had so much fun witnessing the laughter, curiosity, and creativity from my White Room friends!


With Love,


Your Happy Pumpkin 🎃


October 26, 2023


Oh what an exciting week it was for me! I first found myself proudly displayed in the White Room, where I could hear the pitter-patter of many little feet scampering around me. As the children bursted into the room, lots of friends came to say hello as I overheard many comments: “Look!!” “UH OH” “Woaaaah” “Pumpkin!!! AHHHHHH!!!” “Too big too big.” I also saw some friends pointing with big smiles at this big, orange, round, and delicious fruit (or vegetable? I’ll save that debate for later) – THAT’S ME!!!! They couldn’t resist rolling me around, testing my weight, feeling my texture, and giving me nice warm hugs. Some of them even taking a big risk, attempting to lift me up with all their strength! It was a good day in the White Room… I wonder what will happen next week?


October 31, 2023


Today, I find myself in another adventurous situation with my White Room friends – the sensory table! I’ve been carved into different shapes, and now I look like a pumpkin puzzle!!!  My friends, curious as ever, came over to the sensory table and jumped right into explore mode as they used different materials and let their imaginations guide their play! As they used their fingers to feel the pulp and seeds, their reactions varies – from the inevitable “EEEEW” and “yucky” to contagious giggles and cries of excitement and surprise.


Some friends scooped out my seeds, collecting them in a bottle, which they later used to feed the baby dolls. Other friends turned my seeds into music as they shook the bottle to create tunes and sang their favorite songs alongside in a delightful harmony. I also saw some friends using materials to scoop out every last bit of seeds and pulp. I wonder where else my friends’ imaginations will take them… I cannot wait to continue this adventure!


November 2, 2023


Today was an absolute blast. My adventure continues at the sensory table, and I was over the moon to see both new faces and familiar ones gathered around my table to play!


They started to scoop up the seeds using various fascinating tools. There was this tool they used and called “This for I SKEM!”… I think the humans call it an ice cream scooper. Another tool they used looked like a measuring cup-like shovel? I don’t know what it’s called, but I heard many “I want this one” or “No that’s mine” as they reached for the shovel-looking tool.


And guess what? They didn’t stop there! They continued to explore my weight. They lifted me up and started to explore different ways they could hold me with their body. I must say, dear diary, it was like a pumpkin spa day – seeds flying everywhere with lots of water and lots of laughs.


November 7, 2023


Old McPumpkin had a pumpkin farm


Ee i ee i o!


Today, the sensory table became a lively pumpkin farm full of animals and lots of bubbles! As my friends settled into the classroom, they eagerly jumped into their pumpkin-inspired play. I observed some friends using paintbrushes to add bubbles to the animals. Others went for the containers and scoopers as they experimented with each tool’s water volume and capacity. There were also some heartwarming moments, seeing some friends kiss the animals on the cheek. I also noticed some friends greeting every animal on the farm as they picked them up individually, announcing their names and unleashing different animal noises. What a day full of bubbly memories and discoveries.


November 16, 2023


Today, the air was filled with the delightful aroma of maple and pumpkin as a team of chefs gathered around the White Room table to embark on a pumpkin culinary adventure! (Don’t worry, we cooked with my pumpkin sibling!) Together, the chefs worked hard as they were busy mixing, peeling, cutting, and adding the ingredients together in a big bowl, ready to transform into maple pumpkin muffins.


Maple Pumpkin Muffin Time!


We began by peeling the skin off our roasted pumpkin. Once the skin was removed, we cut the pumpkin into small pieces with a plastic knife.


Afterward, we gathered all the diced pumpkin pieces and transferred them to the blender to create pumpkin purée.


Following that, we combined all the listed ingredients in a large bowl and mixed them thoroughly.


The teachers then poured the muffin batter into the baking cups and placed them in the oven. Once the muffins were ready, we savored and tasted our delicious creations.